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Family, friends, Faculty members and honoured guests proudly looked on as the Class of 1T1 celebrated completing their engineering education on June 15, 2011, at Convocation Hall.

“I thank you, graduates, for all you’ve done to make the university a better place,” said U of T President David Naylor in the very beginning of the morning ceremony, which was attended by students in CivE, ECE, LME and MSE.

Mercedeh Mordirshanchi
“Before I studied here, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life. But coming to U of T Engineering has really paved my future.”
Mercedeh Mordirshanchi, ChemE 1T1

The afternoon ceremony celebrated students from ChemE, EngSci, IBBME, MIE and UTIAS. “Graduates – this is your day, and you have earned it,” said Professor Paul Young (CivE), Vice-President, Research, in the afternoon ceremony, before introducing Dean Cristina Amon.

“My congratulations to the phenomenal engineering class of 2011,” Dean Amon began. “Enjoy this moment, this day, this experience and hold it in your memory forever. You are gathered here, together, after years of dedication, doubt, jubilation and accomplishment. What a wonderfully rich journey has brought you to this magnificent hall to celebrate your achievement. Be proud. Feel the pride of those who love you. You are among friends, and sit, in this hall, in the midst of history.”

Honorary degrees were given to notable alumni, Anne Sado (IndE 7T7) and Dr. Bert Wasmund (ChemE PhD 6T6), for their outstanding contributions and successes in the engineering profession. Both Sado and Wasmund had common themes running through their messages to students – success after Skule™ comes from breaking from convention, standing for what you believe in, and perseverance.

Dean Cristina Amon
Dean Cristina Amon

Going on stage to shake the hands of Dean Amon and honoured guests was a moment to remember for Kaziff To (MechE 1T1), “and getting to pause and wave to your parents as you’re on stage. That was a big highlight,” he said after the ceremony.

The future looks exceptionally bright for the undergraduates and graduate students of 2011. Simon Thon Kuany (MinE 1T0 + PEY) is already working at Boswell Capital Corporation as a Mining Engineer and Analyst. “Graduating feels really great. [U of T Engineering] offers the best education; a degree here is incredibly valuable, so I’m very proud.”

And in two months, Sarah Hosaain (CompE 1T0 + PEY) will begin working as a Global Technology Associate at RBC. She, too, owes that to her engineering education at U of T, as well as the support of her family. “U of T Engineering has been a roller coaster, with many jittery moments before exams. But it’s a journey I’ll never forget.”

This spring saw 866 undergraduates and 176 graduate students receiving Engineering degrees. Among them, 467 undergraduates completed the PEY program and 23 were in the ELITE graduate program.

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