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Professor Evan Bentz (CivMin, at left) works with students in the Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering’s structures lab. (Credit: Neil Ta)

The Department of Civil Engineering is now the Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering, following approval by the University of Toronto’s Executive Committee of Governing Council. The change was initiated to reflect the Department’s interdisciplinary teaching and research and the breadth of experience of its faculty members.

“This name captures the true make-up of our vibrant community,” Professor Brent Sleep, Chair, Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering. “It better reflects all of our offerings and the strategic vision for our Department. We are leaders in education and research in systems-based approaches to developing sustainable solutions for the global community across the spectrum from mineral engineering to urban infrastructure.”

The new name was the result of an extensive consultation process with department stakeholders. While the change does not alter departmental structure or programs, it strengthens existing connections among the Department’s entire undergraduate community, solidifies ties with all alumni and deepens the Department’s relationships with industry and employers.

“Interdisciplinary research and education is becoming a hallmark of our Faculty,” said Cristina Amon, dean of the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering. “This renaming acknowledges the synergistic collaboration between traditional disciplines that is integral to the Department’s vibrancy.”

“As the next generation of engineering leaders, it’s important that we have opportunities to experience multidisciplinary collaboration,” said Valeria Baranova, a fourth-year student in the Lassonde Mineral Engineering Program. “This department is a place where we can explore working on diverse teams to explore our potential.”

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