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February 20, 2009

Starting this June, the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering will be granting two distinct undergraduate degrees – the traditional BASc and a new BASc in Engineering Science. The Engineering Science class of 0T9 will be the first graduates to receive the new BASc in Engineering Science.  

“The new degree retains an important connection with the traditional BASc degree,” said Professor Will Cluett, Chair of the Division of Engineering Science. “Our students were unanimous in their wish to see some sort of recognition to distinguish their degree, but at the same time they wanted to retain the historical connection. We felt that the renaming of the degree to include ‘Engineering Science’ would best accomplish this goal.”

The Faculty believes that there will be many benefits to making it clear to prospective students and their parents as well as to graduate schools, employers and the public in general that it offers two distinct undergraduate degree programs.

Cluett adds, “Our Faculty is one of a very small number of schools in the world to offer a full slate of high quality Engineering programs in addition to a truly distinct Engineering Science program, and this is something we should celebrate.”

The proposal was approved by Engineering’s Faculty Council, U of T’s Committee on Academic Policy and Programs, and U of T’s Academic Board, before receiving final approval from the Executive Committee of Governing Council on January 15, 2009.
EngSci students who are currently enrolled will have the choice of receiving either the BASc or the BASc in Engineering Science on their diploma.

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