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September 24, 2009

By Geoff Frost, EngSci 0T9

A PEY experience can be a lot of things. For me it was a challenging experience that led to part-time employment as an international representative of CYPE Ingenieros, a Spanish software firm. My name is Geoff Frost, and I am currently studying as an Engineering Science student. I recently completed a PEY placement in Spain working in CYPE’s Research and Development Department.

CYPE is a leader in the Spanish speaking world for CAD programs. The company has been pushing for some time to enter the English speaking market. U of T’s strong international reputation led them to seek out students for employment in Spain through PEY. I was the first student hired by CYPE. 

After completing a challenging year where I learned Spanish, managed my own projects, and traveled around Europe, I am back in Toronto. However, the fruitful association between myself and CYPE has not ended there. CYPE decided to hire me as an international representative in Canada. I am in charge of showing potential customers the value of CYPE’s products and hiring new students to work abroad in Spain with CYPE. This has allowed me to look beyond the Engineering aspect of my education and immerse myself in real business situations. 

The PEY process afforded me an excellent opportunity to go beyond my comfort zone socially, educationally, and geographically. I can happily say the experience has proven to be positive for both parties involved. I hope many more students will pass through CYPE producing quality work while also enjoying the experience.


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