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Six members of the U of T Engineering community have been recognized by the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) and Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) with Ontario Professional Engineers Awards. Alumnus John Bianchini (ChemE 8T5) has been awarded the Management Medal. Professors Doug Hooton (CivE) and Shaker Meguid (MIE) received Research and Development Medals. Professor Goldie Nejat (MIE) has been awarded the Young Engineer Medal. Alumnus George Nowak (CivE 7T3) garnered the Engineering Excellence Medal and alumnus Bert Wasmund (ChemE PhD 6T6) received the Gold Medal, Ontario’s most prestigious engineering honour. The Ontario Professional Engineers Awards recognize engineering excellence and community service. Eleven awards in total were announced this year.

The Ontario Professional Engineers Awards recipients will be honoured at a gala at the Toronto Congress Centre on November 17, 2012.

John Bianchini has been with Hatch Limited since 1985. He began his career as a process engineer and was named Hatch’s Global Managing Director, Metals in 2004. Since that time, Hatch’s metals unit has seen its net income rise 233%. Bianchini has been particularly effective in introducing clients and colleagues to innovative process design, new methodologies and emerging technologies. Among his key management initiatives were the development of new coal and iron ore business units and the bolstering of offices and project teams in Brazil, Chile and Peru.

Doug Hooton is known internationally for his research on cementitious materials and concrete durability. He is working to provide innovative and effective approaches for improving the environmental sustainability and durability of concrete, as well as providing leadership in the development of related codes and industry standards. His research has already resulted in the ability of the Canadian building industry to produce more sustainable materials, including new cementitious systems that reduce carbon emissions by as much as 50% compared to conventional concrete.

Shaker Meguid’s innovative research in engineering mechanics and design is recognized worldwide. Early in his career he invented a technique to ensure controlled shot-peening that was a breakthrough for surface treatment of aerospace and automotive components. Later, he established himself at the forefront of computational mechanics and multi-scale modeling of materials. His work in determining the fatigue fracture behaviour of materials in the presence of residual stresses has led to collaborations with automotive and aerospace companies such as General Motors and Pratt & Whitney.

Goldie Nejat’s research is leading to the development of intelligent assistive robotic aids that can help find victims in disaster situations, improve the quality of patient-centered care and transform the way hospital wards and nursing homes function. Her research is helping Canada meet the challenges posed by an aging population and keeping us at the forefront of the service robotics industry. Nejat has developed a unique socially intelligent assistive robot named Brian for healthcare applications. Brian is a human-like robot designed to monitor, stimulate and aid individuals suffering from dementia.

George Nowak’s work to improve the safety and efficiency of airports has positively impacted communities throughout Canada and in 26 other countries around the world.  Nowak has applied engineering principles to bring innovation to the design and construction of airport pavements and related infrastructure. He led the engineering infrastructure team for the Caribbean Airports Project, a major initiative in the 1980s to improve airport safety at 19 Caribbean airports. Nowak is currently leading the design of the new runway at Calgary International Airport.

Bert Wasmund, Executive Director of Hatch Limited, has had a remarkable career comprising technical innovation, senior management in a global engineering company, and significant contributions to engineering education. He is credited with transforming the metallurgical industry through a series of innovations that reduced energy consumption and harmful emissions while improving workplace safety and productivity. Wasmund has personally provided significant endowment scholarships for students, as well as championing Hatch’s research partnerships with the University.

“For six members of our community to receive these prestigious awards is a testament to the strength of our Faculty and the breadth of our achievements,” said Cristina Amon, Dean, Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering. “We are proud of their accomplishments and grateful to OSPE and PEO for recognizing the remarkable contributions of these outstanding alumni and faculty.”

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