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U of T Engineers Crack Solar Challenge

In a paper published in Nature Photonics, U of T Engineering researchers report a new solar cell that may pave the way to inexpensive coatings that efficiently convert the sun’s rays to electricity.

Five Engineering Researchers Awarded Connaught Grants

Winners of the newly revamped Connaught New Researcher Awards, fostering excellence in research and innovation by assistant professors, include five researchers from the Faculty of Applied Science

The Body Electric

Steve Mann (ECE) is attaching electronic devices to his body in his youth. The purpose? To experience a reality that has been technologically mediated. Steve Mann is a cyborg. That is, he’s a human

Pedal Really Means Power at Hart House

The prototype sustainable power plant that University of Toronto Professor Olivier Trescases (ECE) is demonstrating doesn’t look like much. A simple black-box battery connected by clips to red