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Toronto Filmmaker Trying to Perfect Prosthetic Eye Camera

When he was nine years old, Rob Spence used a gun to explode a pile of cow dung at his grandfather’s farm. The recoil seriously damaged Spence’s right eye. Twenty-five years and many painful surgeries

New Inexpensive Solar Cell Design is Pioneered

One of the most promising technologies for making inexpensive but reasonably efficient solar photovoltaic cells just got much cheaper. Scientists at the University of Toronto have shown that inexpensive

ECE Professor’s “Circuit Simulation” Released

Professor Farid N. Najm, Chair of The Edward S. Rogers Sr Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, has authored a newly released book, Circuit Simulation (John Wiley and Sons Ltd). Circuit

World Cup Security Using Physics to Outwit Hackers

South African physicists are using quantum cryptography to encrypt messages and data networks between Durban’s Moses Mabhida Stadium and police headquarters during the World Cup. The system,