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Note to Venture Capitalists: I Don’t Need Your Money

A few years ago Vincent Cheung, a doctoral candidate in ECE, created a software program called Shape Collage that automatically generates photo collages of any size and shape, starting it “as

uBuddy Brings Students Together

A group of University of Toronto students have designed a social networking platform that they believe will save time and prevent aggravation among students. uBuddy, designed by Engineering student

‘Talking Photos’ Tell Success Story

With its critical mass of venture capital and talent, Silicon Valley is a huge draw for enterprising Canadians who, by current estimates, now number around 300,000. They flock there to work for companies

ECE PhD student makes mark as entrepreneur

What started as a way to organize his own photos has turned into an entrepreneurial marvel. ECE PhD candidate, Vincent Cheung, created ShapeCollage, a free program that allows users to organize