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Rise of the Robots

  Today’s cutting-edge robotics technology is about making life easier. Many robots are even being developed to do tasks that many would assume only humans can do. The CBC’s The National spoke

Seven Professors Awarded Innovation Grants

Seven U of T Engineers were awarded grants from the Ontario government to support projects that will improve the lives of people around the world and create skilled jobs within the province. The funds

Five Reasons to Go Back to Skule™

From lectures, to lunches, to receptions and dinners, a number of exciting events await Faculty alumni at this year’s Spring Reunion, happening May 25–28. To celebrate Spring Reunion – hosted

Brian the Robot May Be the New Face of Senior Care

“Murphy’s Law: his eyelids aren’t working today.” Professor Goldie Nejat (MIE) fusses over Brian’s facial features, adjusting his pliable, rubbery skin, pushing it up over his eyeballs.