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Showing a ‘LOT’ of Appreciation

Off the heels of National Engineering Month, the Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering (ILead) celebrated U of T Engineering’s emerging student leaders on April 3. ILead’s annual Leaders

National Engineering Month 2013

National Engineering Month (NEM) is the biggest national celebration of engineering and technology. Across Canada, engineering schools and volunteers stage more than 500 events and activities to bring

Forging Friendships, Fostering Innovation

Brazilian student Raphael de Abreu Alves e Silva’s priority during his upcoming year at U of T Engineering is to make friends. As the affable 25-year-old explains, engineering is about innovation

Biz Skule™ Goes for Gold

Canada’s leadership in the global mining industry was the focus of discussion at the May 23 Biz Skule™ Networking Lecture Series event. Alumni, faculty and students gathered to learn more about

Engineering Student Organizes Elite Leadership Program

Ray Chen (CompE 1T3 +PEY) has a lofty goal: he wants engineering students to enter the workforce with more than just technical knowledge, but the communication and leadership skills necessary for