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How to Build a Better TV

“Energy conservation and renewable energy are key components of our green energy future,” explained MSE PhD candidate Michael G. Helander in a blog post for the Ministry of Economic Development

Solar Innovations by U of T Engineers Featured in Postmedia

The groundbreaking photovoltaic research being conducted by U of T Engineers was recently featured in a series on Canada’s future in solar energy that appeared in the Postmedia Network, which publishes The

Engineers Solve Energy Puzzle

University of Toronto Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) researchers have demonstrated for the first time the key mechanism behind how energy levels align in a critical group of advanced

The Nano Revolution: Will Nano Save the Planet?

The CBC’s The Nature of Things recently explored nanotechnology and all its potential in saving the planet. Nanotechnology is a universe where scientists explore matter on a scale 80,000 times

Inflatable, Solar-Powered Plane Takes Off in Toronto

Toronto-based company, Solar Ship, has built and flown the first solar-powered aircraft that has the potential to hold heavy cargo for a distance of 1,000 km per day. “Caracal,” named after the