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Farid Najm, Ali Sheikholeslami and Dean Cristina Amon

Congratulations to Professor Ali Sheikholeslami (ECE) and Glenn Hibbard (MSE), this year’s recipients of the Faculty’s two teaching awards. Professor Sheikholeslami was awarded the Faculty Teaching Award, presented to an individual who demonstrates outstanding classroom instruction, develops and uses innovative teaching methods, and goes above and beyond to ensure the best possible learning experience for students. Professor Hibbard was presented with the Early Career Teaching Award, which recognizes an instructor in the early stages of his career who has demonstrated exceptional classroom instruction and teaching methods.

Ali Sheikholeslami’s dedication for teaching is reflected in his popularity among students, his consistently excellent teaching evaluations, and the number of teaching awards he has won. He has received four teaching awards from ECE (receiving the first just a year into his academic career) and was recognized with the Faculty’s Early Career Teaching Award in 2006. Ali is known for the clarity of his lectures, his enthusiasm for the subject matter, and his approachability outside of the classroom. Also active in curriculum development, Ali played a major role in the creation, development and implementation of the ECE101 Seminar Course, a fundamental course in the new ECE curriculum.

Glenn Hibbard is an enthusiastic and passionate teacher who has successfully taken on responsibilities above and beyond that of a junior faculty member. He has obtained outstanding teaching evaluations while maintaining a heavy teaching load and serving as MSE’s Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies. In this role he is leading a complete reorganization of the department’s curriculum. His dedication and approachability make Glenn an in-demand thesis supervisor; he has already supervised 41 undergraduate and 12 graduate students. Glenn is also actively involved in supporting extra-curricular activities and is an excellent spokesperson for the department and the Faculty at recruitment and information events.

Dean Cristina Amon, Glenn Hibbard and Jun Nogami
Dean Cristina Amon, Glenn Hibbard and Jun Nogami

“Ali and Glenn share a passion for teaching and a dedication to enhancing engineering education that inspires not only our students but our teaching colleagues as well,” said Cristina Amon, Dean, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. “I would like to thank them and our entire teaching community for their efforts to provide our graduates with the skills to become outstanding global engineers.”

These awards were presented at the Celebrating Engineering Success Reception on April 22, 2010.

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