Posted October 29th, 2018 by Geoffrey Vendeville

U of T Engineering alumni volunteers honoured with Arbor Awards

For the first time in its 29 years, the Arbor Awards were hosted off U of T property at the Carlu in downtown Toronto (photo by Gustavo Toledo Photography)

For the first time in its 29 years, the Arbor Awards were hosted off U of T property at the Carlu in downtown Toronto (photo by Gustavo Toledo Photography)In recognition of their years of commitment and volunteerism, 21 U of T Engineering alumni and friends were recently honoured with Arbor Awards.

Established by U of T in 1989, the awards are presented annually to graduates whose loyalty, dedication and generosity has added substantially to the quality of the University of Toronto experience.

President Meric Gertler thanked the recipients of this year’s Arbor Awards on Oct. 16 at a ceremony at the Carlu in downtown Toronto. “Through your dedication, wisdom and enthusiasm, you are touching the lives of countless members of our U of T community,” he said, “opening new horizons for our students, championing the work of our scholars and helping rally other alumni and friends to support our shared goals.”

Barbara Dick, assistant vice-president of alumni relations, extended thanks to the families of recipients, noting that every minute they volunteered at the university is one not spent with their loved ones. “We know that every minute and hour our Arbor Award recipients give to us is one they don’t share with their family,” she said.

Each of the more than 100 award winners was called up to the stage to receive acknowledgement.

This year’s U of T Engineering recipients are:

  • Daniel Alonzi (CivE 0T7)
  • Jennifer Alonzi (CivE 0T6)
  • Indi Gopinathan (CivE 9T6)
  • Jean Hiivala
  • Joseph Molnar (EngSci 7T2)
  • Somen Mondal (CompE 0T2)
  • Frank Palmay (EngSci 7T2)
  • Larissa Rodo (ChemE 1T4)
  • Robert Chen (MechE 7T4)
  • John Walker (MechE 8T2, MASc 8T4)
  • Er Kwong Wah (ElecE 7T0)
  • Ming Seong Lim (MechE 7T0)
  • Yong Guan Koh (MechE 7T0, MASc 7T2)
  • Evelyn Wong
  • Gooi Seong Lim (MechE 7T2, MEng 7T5)
  • Robert Fu (MechE 7T4)
  • Michal Goutama (CivE 8T6, MASc 8T8, PhD 9T3)
  • Philip L K Yeo (IndE 7T0, Honourary Doctor of Laws 1997)
  • Angelo Gentile (IndE 0T3)
  • Henry Wu (EngSci 7T5, ChemE MASc 7T9)
  • Ahthavan Raja Sureshkumar (EngSci 0T7)

Several recipients accepted their award as a group, including U of T Engineering’s Singapore Malaysia campaign committee, which makes up the core of the region’s tight-knight alumni community. The committee helped raise funds to support the new Myhal Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

New U of T Chancellor Rose Patten – herself an Arbor Award winner – closed the night with remarks on U of T’s “strong and increasingly vibrant culture of volunteerism.”

“Through your own contributions, you are making U of T an even greater force for good in our society.”