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September 1, 2009

Professor Bryan Karney has been appointed Associate Dean, Cross-Disciplinary Programs, from September 1, 2009 to December 31, 2012.

Bryan Karney joined the Department of Civil Engineering in 1987 and was promoted to Associate Professor in 1992 and to full Professor in 1996. Professor Karney has a notable track record of administrative service in the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. He continues to serve as Chair of the Division of Environmental Engineering and Energy Systems, a position he has held since 2006. He also served as Associate Chair, Graduate Studies in the Department of Civil Engineering from 2004 – 2006.

Dean Cristina Amon extended her deep appreciation to the following members of the Advisory Committee to recommend an Associate Dean, Cross-Disciplinary Programs for their time and thoughtful input:

Professor Grant Allen, Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Studies (Chair)
Mr. David Cheung, Civil Engineering Student and Vice-President, Academic, Engineering Society
Professor Will Cluett, Chair, Division of Engineering Science
Professor Farid Najm, Chair, Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Professor Jean Zu, Chair, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

As the Associate Dean, Cross-Disciplinary Programs, Prof. Karney will lead the newly created Cross-Disciplinary Programs Office in the Faculty.  The mandate of the Cross-Disciplinary Programs Office will be to provide academic and administrative leadership to enhance the cross-disciplinary educational activities of the Faculty.  The programs administered by the Cross-Disciplinary Programs Office include:

•    Bioengineering Minor
•    Environmental Engineering Minor
•    Sustainable Energy Minor
•    Certificate Program in Entrepreneurship
•    Certificate Program in Preventative Engineering and Social Development
•    Collaborative Graduate Program in Environmental Engineering

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