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Faculty Projects in Planning

May 8, 2009 A review of proposed Faculty projects: CivE Interdisciplinary Design Studios | Centre for Enabling Technologies Building | Registrar’s Office (more)

Divisional Space Review and Master Plan Update

May 7, 2009 The Divisional Space Review Committee has been conducting a review project over the last several months to assess and evaluate existing space within APSE to house the Faculty’s teaching,

MSE Professor Receives Canadian Metal Chemistry Award

May 5, 2009 Professor Stavros Argyropoulos of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering has received the 2009 Canadian Metal Chemistry Award from the Metallurgy Division of the Canadian

MIE Professor Receives Career Investigator Award

May 1, 2009 David Steinman was awarded a five-year Career Investigator Award by the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario for his work on Hemodynamic Factors in Vascular Disease: from Bench to