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Professor Andrew Goldenberg


Professor Goldie Nejat
Professor Goldie Nejat

Today’s cutting-edge robotics technology is about making life easier. Many robots are even being developed to do tasks that many would assume only humans can do.

The CBC’s The National spoke to MIE Professors Andrew Goldenberg and Goldie Nejat about their innovations.

Professor Goldenberg and his researchers are perfecting a patroller robot – equipped with security cameras and infrared vision. “The robot actually acts as a human being, in terms of identifying the sources of potential problems,” said Professor Goldenberg.

Professor Nejat’s Brian the Robot is designed to assist in health care facilities and those in long-term care. It is a highly intelligent, human-like, socially assistive and interactive robot. Not only can it display an array of emotions when interacting with humans, it can cognitively stimulate and help with memory functioning through numerous activities.

“This is a robot that is going to interact with you. It understands what you’re saying from your speech, your body language, and then be able to interpret that and have its own assistive behaviour to help you,” said Professor Nejat.

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