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February 11, 2009

By Adam Fox, Communications Coordinator, Office of the Registrar

You know that the Office of the Registrar is the hub of student services for the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. But, course scheduling, exams, petitions, academic counselling, registration and records management are just part of the Office of the Registrar’s mandate. In addition to providing an extensive list of functions for currently registered students, the Office of the Registrar also provides services for the over 40,000 Skule™ alumni worldwide.

Often, when applying for new jobs or graduate school opportunities, alumni may be required to prove their BASc degree conferral. Some institutions may require an official transcript, produced by the University of Toronto Transcript Centre, which can be ordered through the Student Web Service (ROSI) for recent graduates, or with a paper form for those alumni who graduated prior to 1978 or do not have access to ROSI. The Office of the Registrar assists the Transcript Centre by providing the relevant student record information. There is a $10 charge for the production of an official transcript and the Transcript Centre offers a variety of pick-up and delivery options for distributing the official record to prospective institutions and employers.

Employers who wish to verify only the bestowal of a degree may make the request directly to the Registrar’s Office. With written authorization from the alum, student services staff can confirm a minimal amount of information to a third party: namely, degree(s) received and date(s) of graduation. Requests from employers, along with authorization, may be faxed to the Office of the Registrar at 416-978-1866. There is no charge for this service and most requests can be filled within two business days.

Alumni looking to obtain written proof of their own degree conferral should request a Letter of Registration Confirmation for Alumni which will state the years in which they were registered as an undergraduate student in the Faculty and the date(s) of degree(s) received. There is a $7.35 charge for a Letter and these requests can typically be fulfilled within three business days. The Letter process is less expensive and faster than ordering a transcript.

The Registrar also works with Alumni Relations in supervising Camp One Iron Ring replacements for those alumni who have misplaced their rings.

For more information on these and other student services offered by the Office of the Registrar, see Services for Alumni and Employers, or call 416-978-5896.

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