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Halloween Science: The Bleeding Edge of Forensics

In fictional television shows such as Dexter and CSI, patterns in blood splatters at the scene of the crime can be counted on to lead investigators to the killer. In real life, they’re a

Telus Puts Faith in High-Tech Health Care

Canada’s health records system, based largely on paper and bracelets, is “arcane,” says Darren Entwistle, chief executive officer of Telus Corp., and in bringing it into the 21st century there

Research Team Develops Morphed Wing for UAVs

Flight-testing is scheduled to begin in 2011 on a morphed wing prototype for unmanned air vehicles using in-built shape memory alloy actuators that deform the shape of the wing when heated. The prototype

Artery-on-a-Chip Studies Heart Disease

Professor Axel Guenther (MIE, IBBME) and colleagues have developed a microfluidic platform on which fragile blood vessels can be fixed, allowing the factors that promote and sustain cardiovascular