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The University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS) was featured in the latest issue of University Affairs Magazine for its contributions to the field of space exploration.

Forty-one years ago, four professors from (UTIAS) were contacted to help do the impossible: an explosion had crippled an Apollo 13 spacecraft and their expertise was needed to help bring the three astronauts stuck on board back to Earth.

Former professors, Phil Sullivan, Rod Tennyson, Irvine Glass, Barry French and Ben Etkin pooled their knowledge together and came up with a solution that allowed the Apollo 13 astronauts to safely return home. It’s moments like this that helped cement the Department’s reputation as one of the leaders in the space industry.

Since then, UTIAS has continued to play a pivotal role in the ever-changing space industry. One of the Canadarm pioneers was U of T Professor Peter Hughes, while Gabriele D’Eleuterio (UTIAS), worked with professor Hughes to develop some of the robotics for the International Space Station, work that professor D’Eleuterio and others continue to this day.

Today, UTIAS still remains a leader in space technology. The Autonomous Space Robotics Lab that tests space robotics technology which is used for NASA voyages to Mars and the moon, and a flight simulator which recreates situations in a helicopter or fixed-wing aircrafts are just a few of the technologies offered on campus.

Read more about the UTIAS and the exceptional work being done there in University Affairs’ latest issue.

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