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How can we forgive people who commit atrocities? Is China the new model for state-run capitalism? Do the humanities matter anymore?

For the answers to these and other questions, check out Vidoyen, a new interactive website created by ECE alumnus Arshia Tabrizi (CompE 9T5).

Arshia Tabrizi
Arshia Tabrizi

Tabrizi, a technology lawyer and former software engineer, started Vidoyen because he felt there was a need for concise, reliable answers to questions using the Internet. Vidoyen provides the platform where anyone can ask a question, and responses are short, video answers of two minutes or less by professors and experts such as ECE Professor Jonathan Rose (What is an FPGA?) and former Toronto Mayor David Miller (What cities are global models of urban sustainability?).

“It goes down to my interest in technology, as well as general public education,” Tabrizi told the Toronto Standard in a recent interview.

By way of further explaining his vision for Vidoyen, Tabrizi says, “I’ve always viewed the Internet as a platform to share thoughts, but there was a disconnect in my mind in terms of how people filter out reliable information from unreliable information. I wanted to create a space where engaged academics, thought leaders and intellectuals could have a well-informed exchange with citizens on topics of importance to the world.”

Tabrizi sees Vidoyen as a site for dialogue, not just questions and answers. People can write comments or pose additional questions in response to the videos. “The idea is to develop a mini-forum where people can go and engage in conversation and debate on important and topical issues, not only locally but globally,” Tabrizi told the Standard.

The Toronto Standard article is available here. To visit Vidoyen and get the answers to your questions (or nominate an expert to contribute to the site), click here.

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