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A Futuristic Vision for the TTC from 1910

February 4, 2009 With remarkable prescience, a century-old report anticipates Toronto transit’s current predicament. Cities Centre Director and CivE Professor Eric Miller is quoted … Toronto

Outsourcing: A Quick Fix

February 3, 2009 MIE Professor Andrew Jardine is quoted in this article about companies seeking outsiders’ help to squeeze more out of their equipment …  The Economist

Rays of Sunlight in Economic Gloom

February 2, 2009 MIE student Sara Dolcetti talks about receiving multiple job offers and the secret to her success: the PEY Internship …  Toronto Star

CARGO Cosmetics Company in Hollywood

January 30, 2009 Civil Engineering graduate Hana Zalzal launched her cosmetics company, CARGO, in 1996, hoping to inspire women of all ages to experiment, play, celebrate, and reinvent.  With a

Formula SAE Racing Team Ranks No. 4 in the World

January 28, 2009 By: Kate Brand, Associate Director of Communications The University of Toronto Engineering Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Racing Team ranks No. 4 in the world out of