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CARGO Cosmetics Company in Hollywood

January 30, 2009 Civil Engineering graduate Hana Zalzal launched her cosmetics company, CARGO, in 1996, hoping to inspire women of all ages to experiment, play, celebrate, and reinvent.  With a

Formula SAE Racing Team Ranks No. 4 in the World

January 28, 2009 By: Kate Brand, Associate Director of Communications The University of Toronto Engineering Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Racing Team ranks No. 4 in the world out of

Encouraging the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Engineers

January 20, 2009 By: Susan Grant, High School Liaison Officer, ECE Mike Branch (ECE 0T3) started his company six months after graduation, in his parents’ living room. From this modest beginning,

Engineering Globalization Seminar Series

January 26, 2009 About the Series The goal of the series of seminars is to explore, broaden perspectives and stimulation discussion about how the research and education missions in this Faculty can

Second Annual Engineering Career Fair

January 20, 2009 To learn more about the Second Annual Engineering Career Fair, including the different organizations that will be in attendance, please visit